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Video Tributes-Personal Video Productions

Video Tributes - Starting at $199

Create personal video productions
and custom slideshows for any event including but not limited to:
Choose from a variety of video tribute packages to best suit your needs.

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Video Tribute Packages
Deluxe Tribute Package:
•125-150 Images  • 4-6 Songs  •5 DVD copies  •16x20 Enlargement

Standard Tribute PackagePremium Tribute PackageDeluxe Tribute PackageUltra Tribute Package

Tributes Include:

Customizing your package:


Video Clips:

Sample Video Tributes

Want a way to capture and preserve a special event in your life? Collect photos of your special day and send them to us. We’ll create a customized slideshow of your important moment. Popular events include memorials, graduations, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Send us your choice of music and we’ll create an unforgettable slide show DVD available to you within 7-10 business days. We have high-resolution scanners that capture the quality of your photos. We also accept digital files. The number of photos you want to include will determine what package you select. With our pro formats and services, we offer profession video tape formats from a long list of original video tape. Send us your tapes and we’ll transfer them to DD, Blu-ray, QuickTime, HD or AVI format. Pricing varies based on original format and transfer format. See our packages for more specific details. Check out our sample video tributes to help you decide what works best for you! We also offer motion picture film scanning. This restoration and enhancement will give you museum quality footage. Using the best restoring technology, we enhance images to be sharper, eliminate dark spots and improve overall color. This is the same technology used by professionals to restore old Hollywood movies. Send us your films and watch the side-by-side comparison to really see a difference. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with us! Pricing depends on length and original format. For more information, give us a call at 1-800-447-4469.

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