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Denevi Digital Imaging has been in business since 1959 and with our decades of experience we understand the importance of preserving your priceless memories. We provide a way to preserve your old VHS tapes, photos, audio film, movie film, slides, negatives, and more by transferring them onto more modern and current forms of media storage such as DVDs, CDs, hard drives and online sources of storage. Not only are these replacements more practical in our technologically advancing world, they are also much more durable and long lasting.

At Denevi Digital Imaging we use the most advanced technology to transfer your memories to CDs and DVDs. Our video transfer service can convert your VHS to DVD. We transfer consumer VHS tapes and professional formats. One of our specialties is transferring old movie film to DVD or digital files. Our scanning service can transfer your slides to DVD or digital files as well as old photos and negatives. We have also recently added photo recovery and photo restoration services to our repertoire. Now, fuzzy and damaged old pictures can be restored to their former glory. Featuring a fleet of state of the art high resolution Kodak Commercial Scanners, using Digital ICE technology to remove dust and scratches and D-Tech proprietary software, our quality is second to none. Our motto is "Preserve your precious memories before they fade away!" and at Denevi Digital Imaging you don’t have to sit back and watch as your keepsakes deteriorate. Stop procrastinating and contact us today!

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Preserve your precious memories before they fade away!
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