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The Denevi Story

Mike and Frank Denevi

"One hundred fifty years ago, gold was discovered in Northern California and the Gold Rush era had its beginnings. Had Frank Denevi been around in those days, undoubtedly he would have been one of the first to hit the trail with other ambitious 'entrepreneurs' of the time. Frank lives and works not very far from the site of this historic discovery and has spent the past 40 years in both the wet and dry sides of photo finishing." ..... Photo Marketing, May '98

Since 1959, Denevi Camera and Video catered to the photographic needs of the San Francisco Bay Area with quality still and video camera equipment, photo processing and copying, camera repair and competent, friendly service.

Frank's business thrived as he blanketed the SF Bay Area with a chain of stores located in major population centers. He appeared frequently on Northern California television and radio stations and in local publications, and was one of the first retail business owners in Northern California to do his own television commercials. At one time, the most recognized song in the Bay Area was the Denevi Camera and Video jingle, which went "Dublin, Berkeley, San Lorenzo, Cupertino and San Jose". The name Denevi became synonymous in the Bay Area with quality photo supplies and service at fair competitive prices. He provided photographic services to several major sports teams, popular musical performers, and local government bodies.

In the 70's and 80's the company kept pace with the rapidly developing photographic and video technology, and ....

"In 1984, using a Hope Video Transfer Station, he introduced a new sideline: Video. He began to offer consumers the opportunity to transfer their old movie films onto tape, allowing these precious memories to be viewed on the then-new and booming media of the time, VCR's. At that time, the Denevi operation was not alone in this type of venture, but today he is one of only a few remaining sources of video transfers." ..... Photo Marketing, May '98

Frank rapidly expanded his transfer capabilities to include still photos and slides, making it all possible by adding the latest equipment to his high-tech operation as it became available. He developed image capture and editing techniques which enabled the skilled Video technicians to intermingle film, photos, slides and even custom background music into smooth and stunning video taped productions of precious memories reflecting activities ranging from business presentations to graduation ceremonies, bar mitzvahs to funeral memorials, vacations to class reunions and many other memorable events which one would want to preserve and conveniently view and show on a television set.

In 1997, Frank sold the 38-year old retail camera and photo side of his business and dedicated his efforts and his entire operation to the burgeoning wholesale video transfer service. Using the latest advances in equipment and technology, Denevi Digital Imaging receives and completes video transfer orders from around the globe. Frank has formed alliances with several major nationwide retail chains -- Wal-Mart, Longs Drugs, Walgreens, Kodak, KPL, Wolf Camera, Ritz Cameras, and others -- and with one of the world's largest photo processing companies -- Fuji USA. At the stores of the retail chains, customers use Video Transfer Ordering Kits which, when completed by the customer, are sent by the store to Denevi Digital Imaging, processed, and returned to the retail store.

The company rode the crest of the technological revolution of the late 20th century and early 21st century, staying abreast of the photo, computer and video technology. The company now converts home and professional video tape to DVD including the latest HD formats, movie film to DVD, slides to DVD, prints to DVD. The company has an electronic billing and order tracking system, as well as Web Site Support with online order tracking. Also featured are high resolution scanning of slides, prints, negatives and short and long roll film. Headed by Frank, and his son, Michael, the COO and vice-president, the Hayward, Calif.-based company boasts state-of-the-art technology and a homespun feel. Denevi's "personal touch" customer service has fostered lasting relationships with a wide variety of customers.

Today, Denevi Digital Imaging is a leading supplier of video transfer services. A visit to Denevi's new modern facility located in Northern California reveals a competent, bustling staff, the nearly constant ringing of telephones, a mind-boggling array of machines and computers, stacks of finished product ready for shipment, and a display-case collection of cameras and photographic artifacts that any museum would be proud to own. And Frank R. Denevi still manages to stay involved with his first love - photography. He maintains a professional relationship with Bay Area sports teams including the Oakland Raiders, Golden State Warriors, Oakland A's and the San Francisco Giants and provides photo processing services for many legends of the NFL and NBA, including such notables as Tom Flores, Raymond Chester, Dave Casper, Jack Tatum and Rick Barry. Frank is also an honorary Alameda County Deputy Sheriff, and has appeared on KGO-Radio and KSFO-Radio with Jim Eason. Frank was one of the owners of the USFL Oakland Invaders. Denevi has produced the 2000 and 2001 Oakland Raider Raiderette Calendars as well as a calendar for the Las Vegas Treasure Island Casino and Hotel, Urban Shield for Alameda County Sheriff's Office. A tour of the amazingly efficient Denevi Digital Imaging Services enables guests to see an impressive array of photographic artifacts and technology. Full-color photos of professional athletes, close-knit Denevi family members and customers adorn the walls.

Denevi takes baby boomers back to their roots with new "D Technology" Slides to DVD Transfer Service! The beauty in D Technology" is it actually improves the color quality and removes dust and scratches. This brings a family's photo memories up to date, vastly improving their quality and expanding their ability to be shared with others. Moreover, Denevi's archival Gold DVD's produce the highest-quality available product in the market and will last 100 years. The new slide to DVD transfer service enables customers to watch treasured family films on their computer and/or TV, and transfer them to other family members or friends. Utilizing archival Gold DVD's extends their vibrancy for generations to come. New slide-scanning technology in a jpeg format also allows customers to print or email images.

You can be sure that Denevi Digital Imaging will remain at the leading edge of the ongoing technological revolution to provide you with the very latest video imaging, storage and retrieval methods so that you can......

Preserve Your Precious Memories!