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We repair Video Tapes


We can repair VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi 8, MDV and Beta Max Tapes.

Priced as low as $10.99 at the time of transfer to DVD.
Click here for more details on transferring VHS to DVD.
Minor Tape Repair (up to 3 splices) ..................................................$19.95
Major Tape Repair (up to 3 splices and shell replacement)....................$39.95

We recommend that the repaired tape be transferred to DVD at the time of repair because the repaired tape might break again due to a broken player. Test your player by playing an unwanted or blank tape before playing the repaired tape.
(Faulty equipment is usually the cause of breakage.)

Damage due to water, fire, mildew, pet urine, (yes, we have seen it all!) creased or crimped tapes are not repairable.
Standard Service Time is 2-3 weeks.

Here is the best deal:
Send in your tape for a transfer to DVD at $19.95 and we will make any repairs necessary for an additional $10.99, plus you get a free extra copy of your new DVD complete with a Vinyl Case featuring Thumbnail Scenes printed on the cover, Motion Thumbnail technology for quick scene selections and a title on your DVD.

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