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Transfer your audio tape andrecords to CDs

Transfer Audio Formats to CD or Digital File

You will want to transfer to CD all your audio collection so you can listen to digital audio wherever you are. Transfer you cassette tapes to CD with Denevi Digital Imaging. Denevi transfers cassettes to CD and all types of audio tapes (cassettes, DAT, reel-to-reel tape) to CD. We also transfer mini tapes (from recording machines) and we convert records to CD. In addition to CDs we can create MP3 files of the audio content. In our CD transfer we use dedicated commercial equipment and professional software that enables noise reduction. The process produces exceptional audio quality. Our audio cassette to CD transfer service can handle high volume audio archiving projects to archive your valuable audio library of music and/or voice recordings.

Click on Start Your Order button above to print out an Audio Transfer Order Form. Fill out the form and take or send your order to our Main Lab:

Denevi Digital Imaging
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Alternatively, you can drop off your order to our East Bay Pick-up Drop-Off location:

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(Without Track Breaks)
(With Track Breaks)
Audio Cassette
3-Inch Reels
7-Inch Reels
  8-Track Tapes
  Vinyl Records      
33 1/3 LP
45 RPM
78 RPM
Prices are per CD and for standard formats. 80 minutes of audio fits on 1 CD
Additional Services
  Standard Noise Reduction
$10.00 per disc
  Audio Enhancement
$60.00 per hour

Technical Information: Level optimization and track breaks* are part of our standard service. We also offer audio cleanup services to reduce noise, hiss, and to normalize audio levels for audio cassette to CD transfer. When we convert records the same service is available plus the optional noise reduction service may become very handy.

Please note that hiss may be noticeable on many audio cassettes and we recommend using our hiss, crackle, & pop removal service to remove it when transferring cassettes to CDs. We can also create CD masters of original recordings and duplicate CDs for you. Learn how the audio transfer process works for quality audio restoration services.

Call 1-800-447-4469 or visit our lab to place an order.

*See pricing with track breaks above.

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